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You are at this page because you want more information to be successful in the Restaurant business. It’s about getting it right so that your customers will enjoy
good dining experience and return to your restaurant again and again.

First of All !

Please allow me to introduce myself.

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My name is Ivan Cheah
I graduated from United Kingdom majoring in Hotel & Catering Management and have worked for American, Singaporean and Malaysian owned companies, which include a Public Listed Group of Restaurants company, Five Star International Hotels and various restaurant concepts since 1992.

I am also the co-founder and owner of Focus Design & Consultants specializing in Designing, Consulting & Constructing hotels and restaurants business since 2010.

Designing ~ Consulting ~ Constructing ~ Preparing ~ Managing

After we have completed designing and constructing the restaurant for owners, we were normally asked to assist in preparing the restaurant (SOP) standard operating procedures. Hence, here is where the idea of preparing an eBook to assist the want to be owners in the fastest way came to mind !

I do not think that there are many restaurateurs out there who have worked in the industry since 1992 and have a company that does designing, consulting and also constructing the restaurant for the new owners ?


This is a well documented and prepared restaurant operating topics, step-by-step tasks and procedures, broken down into small units that provide you with Standards that have been identified for each task and tested in many restaurants.

The Restaurant SOP manual guide will go a long way to effectively and efficiently maintain the highest standard of professional ethics in your business. It is a fairly detailed Restaurant Operating Procedures, consisting of very comprehensive standard guides, which is clear and easy to understand for your staffs to memorize and deliver them consistently and effectively in their daily service interaction in the restaurant.

Benefits of Restaurant SOP
( Standard Operating Procedures )

* Customers Satisfaction is guaranteed with proper staffs service procedures
* Facilitate the owners to get all new staffs up to speed with the procedures
* Proper record of all the tasks required to met high restaurant standard level
* Proper Guideline to train all staffs correctly and systematically
* Improve service staff efficiency and improve productivity
* Avoid staff confusion on the requirement of each task
* 137 topics with 235 pages of Proven Restaurant SOP
* PLUS 69 bonus topics of Proven Room Service & Banquet SOP


We will also provide you the SOP word file templates and give you the right to do changes on the files so that you can use it conveniently for your own restaurant without starting from scratch.

Here's What You Will Discover In The
Standard Operating Procedures

You will Discover the Proper Techniques and Steps used in Restaurant Business as practised by Restaurant Entrepreneurs from around the world.

Discover : What are the ... ways or methods

Our normal restaurant consulting fees normally start from thousand plus a week and owners will have to use our services for months depending on the size of the restaurant to achieve the require standard. Custom made Restaurant Standard Operating Procedures will cost owners from few thousand for a small restaurant depending on the complexity of the restaurant concept.

With our new ebook, we are charging a very much lower price to help the industry, we are only charging a low price of USD 29.70 and we hope by doing so we can have mostly everyone in the industry even students to be able to afford and enjoy learning the restaurant business.

It’s all waiting for you right now and is only a couple of mouse-clicks away ! Just imagine being able to get all your staffs organized by using these Standard Operating Procedures downloaded to you right away.

You can get INSTANT ACCESS to "Open Restaurant Successful SOP" ebook and word file templates right NOW!




Order Now and Receive YOURS for just $ 29.70

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About Your Product Delivery:
After your transaction has been processed, we immediately send you an email to secure your download. You get instant access to this product and you can start preparing SOP for your restaurant.

         Cheers !

Ivan Cheah
Co-Founder & Owner

Focus Design & Consultants Co., Ltd.

Hotel & Restaurant Specialist

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